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Access Control was formed in the mid nineties to design and manufacture high quality access control products for the security industry. We provide innovative and cost effective solutions across the market spectrum.

Access control is crucially important for the security of buildings, property, employees, electricians and their belongings.

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What is Access Control?

Access control is crucially important for the security of buildings, property, employees and their belongings. It is about controlling and regulating who has access to, around and within buildings that you can get built with DS Construction Dublin and re-decorated by Painters Dublin.

The degree of complexity of the access control system and alarm systems can vary in accordance with the end users requirements and who is installing them.

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We have distributors in Ireland such as Locksmith, CCTV, Alarm Installers and Security Experts on the list.

Access Control for standalone doors in the home and business

The ACT standalone range of access control solutions provides digital keypad and proximity readers for standalone doors that need repairs where access and egress are the only requirements.

These products offer a variety of features and solutions that are both cost effective and user friendly.

ACT standalone applications include access control, gate automation and door monitoring. Standalone access control systems are the most basic form of access control available in the industry.

Access Control for small to medium sized commercial properties

The Access Control Systems range has established itself as a popular choice for access control in small to medium sized commercial properties that have a low to medium security level requirement.

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Its popularity is driven by its power, low cost and flexibility as well as its proven quality and reliability.

The networked system comprises of one to sixteen access points that are individually controlled and are connected to a central host or server.

They transfer information in real-time about door access. The whole system is networked in such a manner that the operator finds it easy and simple to manage from a central location.

The ACTsmart applications include access control, gate control and door monitoring.

Access Control for commercial properties

ACTpro is a scalable card access control system, designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size of enterprise. The system is highly flexible and feature rich.

ACTpro is a single or multi user system for one or more sites. The ACTpro access control solution begins delivering its applications at the car park barrier, through to the buildings entry points.

With readers placed on internal doors and elevator control it can limit movement around the building and hidden by clever carpentry by Bespoke Interiors. The reader installed at access points is dependent on how secure a room needs to be.

The ACTpro applications include access control, door control/ monitoring, time & attendance and elevator control. The system will also interface with the building’s existing intruder, fire and CCTV systems.

Access Control Products

Secure, robust and aesthetically pleasing products meet and exceed market expectations. Varying security needs call for a range of products from simple single door solutions to enterprise wide systems with open format design and interoperable capabilities.

Access Control provides seamless access control and door entry solutions assuring the installer and their customers that the system parts are totally compatible.

Access Control Client Base

Access control and door entry products can be found in high security government buildings, leading educational facilities, multinational pharmaceutical organisations, major hospitals, well known retail chain stores, prison buildings, busy leisure facilities and private dwellings.

Our international distribution network continues to expand serving installing companies in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and North America.

Access Control Services

A wide range of ancillary services gives Access Control and Locksmith Services a distinct competitive advantage when competing in both domestic and international markets. Services include Technical Support, Training, On Site Assistance, Tender & Specification Consultation, Bespoke System Design and System Integration.

Why choose Access Control?

  • Experienced and knowledgeable team of experts working to deliver effective products and solutions.
  • Focused on creating long term client partnerships, supported by high quality customer service.
  • Range of superior quality products that provide value for money solutions, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.
  • Forward thinking and innovative company delivering products at the leading edge of design and functionality and based on what the customer wants.

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Access Control Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture ensures total engagement of both customer and employee.

Access Control Customers

The principle of “ACTing for the installer” underpins our customer engagement philosophy. With this in mind, our products are built to satisfy the needs of our customers and aim to exceed their expectations in terms of quality and functionality.

Access Control Employees

Employee engagement is at the heart of ACT’s corporate culture. Recognising employees as our most important asset, ACT has an established principle of only employing the best in class for each functional area within the business.

Our employees engage in fact gathering, analyses and problem solving to improve the institutional knowledge within the company.

This knowledge is then utilised to improve company performance and support the strategic objectives of the company.

All employees are encouraged to further their education; ensuring both self-advancement and a well educated workforce with an ethos of learning and knowledge sharing.

ACT supports employee’s education financially to post graduate level and makes adequate time available at no cost to the employees themselves.

The company directors believe this approach has helped to develop the loyal and dedicated team ACT prides itself on.