Door Access Control

What are Door Entry Products?

The ACTentry products are designed to manage access to your building. Depending on the solution installed you will be able to either speak to or speak to and see any caller to your door.

In addition to door entry a number of the products integrate access control to enable you to issue authorised people with cards or pins for independent access.

Domestic Properties

If you have a gated home our audio products should meet your requirements. They have either an intercom or a phone installed inside and an entry panel at the gate.

This entry panel has an integrated keypad allowing pin code access for authorised people.

Commercial Properties

Both the audio and audio video products are suited to commercial properties. Designed specifically for SME’s the audio video products provide a high quality, cost efficient solution for managing access to the building via the comfort of your office PC.

Installation costs are minimal and there is no disruption to normal staff activity since no cabling is required and the software is installed on each PC that requires ACTentry V-IP.